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Thought-full Thursday: Chance Encounters


Every Thursday, we provide you with a thoughtful way to coach yourself – something all leaders need to do. Today we feature a quote from Art Petty, a thoughtful author, blogger, teacher, coach and consultant. I love Art’s blog – it’s always insightful and practical. His most recent book, which the quote below is taken from, is a wonderful compilation of essays on how to increase your leadership effectiveness – and for those of you who “don’t have time to read” – no excuses here. The essays are brief, and a great way to begin your day along with your cup of java and so much healthier than a donut.

So take five and enjoy the quote and reflect on the questions that follow. Your comments and answers to the questions are always welcome!


A chance encounter is a horrible thing to waste. Too many managers roll through their days on a mission chasing the urgent and the urgent-unimportant, without investing any time in cultivating relationships. Develop the good habit of leveraging casual and fast encounters to pay respect, show interest, and offer help, and you’ll single-handedly raise the office energy level. ~Art Petty, excerpted from Leadership Caffeine: Ideas to Energize Your Professional Development.


  • Observe as you go about your day. Who needs your respect, interest or help?
  • What other things are you practicing to intentionally cultivate relationships?
  • What will it take to make relationship building as important as the urgent in your day?


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