This Week: Unleash Your Courage


The Courage Within Us
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It’s time….
Time to unleash the courage within you.
No matter how disruptive, chaotic and crazy things get: You have what it takes.

You are enough. You do not need more than you already have. You just need to unleash all that is called for in these crazy times.

This Week, Unleash It for Free!
Inside this fast-paced, powerful e-book is a snapshot of character and courage of this era.

The Courage Within Us identifies the essential traits and virtues needed … when even the most basic daily routines get swept up in a storm of ambiguity … when nothing is certain … when there is no perfect decision to be made.

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Who Is the Most Courageous Person You Know?
As part of this week’s free Courage giveaway…
We want to showcase your hero among our Top 75 Disruptive Heroes, 2013!

Just email Bill nominating the most courageous person you know. Those who are selected will be interviewed via Skype and promoted through all social media as a hero everyone should know!

Who is the most courageous person you know?
For any reason, any age, anywhere.

Please nominate your hero today! 

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