This is Why Baseball is Still Relevant

For many people, sport is all about winning. The obsession with wins and losses obscures the real importance of the game. For me, sport is about bringing the best out in people and transferring these lessons to everyday life. And since Recruitment Process Outsourcing is part of my everyday life, I can use sports to help me be better at my vocation.

Last Wednesday was a “perfect” example.

With two outs in the 9th inning Armando Galarraga, of the Detroit Tigers, was working on a perfect game, when the Cleveland Indians’ Jason Donald bounced a ball to the right of first baseman Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera fielded it and threw to Galarraga, who was covering first. The ball beat the runner — and Galarraga would have been the 21st pitcher to throw a perfect game. But Jim Joyce, the first-base umpire, ruled Donald safe, saying he beat the throw. It was a horribly botched call.

However, Armando Galarraga deserves praise for the way he has handled himself after the blown call by Jim Joyce that cost him a perfect game. Galarraga, the Tigers’ right-hander, set a great example. As a father of 3 boys, a sales professional, and someone who witnesses tens of thousands of Pinstripe recruitment process outsourcing transactions, I’ll be using Galarraga’s example as a model of sportsmanship, perspective and respect for authority.

And as badly as Umpire Joyce missed the call, he did what he thought was truly right. And, I respect Joyce for doing his job and later when he reviewed the replay for admitting his mistake and apologizing.

In my opinion, both ballplayer and umpire showed us, in adversity, everything that is right about sports.

Also, special thanks to Chris Cannavo for his RPOlosophy ideas and support.

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