Think Like A Shark

Great white shark at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico, A...

What are you doing to move forward today?

Sharks have to keep moving forward in order to survive.  You do too, but you just may not realize it.  You likely have goals for your life.  You want to drop a few pounds, save a few bucks, network more effectively and finally get around to writing that book.  So does everyone else, but 95% of them are never going to accomplish those goals.  What makes you so special that you think you are going to succeed at accomplishing any of your goals?

You can greatly increase your chances if you think like a shark.  Just keep moving forward.  If you want to lose fifty pounds, then your goal should not be to lose it all today.  You goal for today is to just move forward.  If you have not been exercising, then maybe you start an exercise program.  Maybe you start drinking water instead of soda.  Maybe you start including vegetables with every meal.  Which step forward you take is not as important as ensuring that you are doing something to move forward with your plan?

What can you do today to be a better manager?

What can you do today to be a better writer?

What can you do today to be a better parent?

What can you do today to be a better friend?

What can you do today to be a better person?

I am not telling you anything that you do not already know, but sometimes we all need a reminder.  In all honesty, it may be me that needed the reminder more than anyone.

Today is a gift, don’t waste it.  Turn off the television.  Think like shark, and keep moving forward.


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