There may be trouble ahead

As a kid I used to walk to school past a pond in the woods. In winter when it froze over it became a challenge to walk across it. The ice would creak and usually hold our weight. Usually, not always. The pond was a couple of feet deep in the centre (that’s half a metre to you sonny) so the worst I can recall was a wet shoe, sock and trouser leg.

In the workplace, do actions have to have consequences? I listened to a manager tell me he thinks this is both important and lacking in his workplace. He is a bright guy and is becoming increasingly, wilfully disobedient. His rationale for this is ‘we don’t hold people to account around here so I more or less do as I please.’ At least he is up front about it. I can hear the ice creaking again and I don’t know for sure but I reckon this pond is way deeper than the one I crossed.

How loudly is the ice creaking at your workplace?

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