There is something missing out there

Human Resource Executive magazine in their September 16 issue
reported the results of the 2013 “What’s Keeping You Up at Night”
survey. As in past years 35% of the respondents replied that getting
employees engaged within the organization. The ongoing solution was
employee engagement surveys every 12-16months. While surveys are fine,
they tend not to explain some of the reasons for the non-engagement

exception every organization is seeking to find and retain engaged
employees to make their operations run smoother, but there is a constant
disconnect between what the employee needs or wants and what most
organizations are willing to provide.

  • · We tell our human
    capital assets that we want them to be engaged but we submit them to
    rigorous command and control tactics on the part of management. The
    message is not become engaged, become this robot that does as they are
    commanded to do and do not stray from the message. We tell our employees
    that we want engagement but than do not recognize their value in the
  • · We tell our human capital assets that we
    want engagement, but even though the organization is not on its final
    legs financially,we hire and then fire on a regular basis. We send the
    message that our employees are of value only during good times.

we look for engagement we are seeking an environment where the
employment basis is aligned with the organization in its initiatives and
is customers. Kevin Duggan defines operational excellence as the
acquisition and integration of passionate and culturally aligned
employees who are engaged and aligned with the organization’s goals and
in which the employee is empowered to make changes to the corporate
processes which are slowing down the productivity with or without
approval from management. Engaged employees respond best when they feel
and are confident that management is relying on the true experts within
the organization on what is working and what is not.

So what is missing out there? What
is missing is the majority of organizations who utilize employee
engagement survey only to learn that 70% of their knowledge base is
considering jumping ship because the organization is not working for
them. What is missing is the majority of organizations who seek
engagement but still consider their human capital assets as just numbers
on an expense sheet. What is missing is the majority of organizations
that do not fully understand that their employees in today’s workplace
are seeking a workplace environment which brings value to their lives.
Failure to do so means they jump ship in search of an organization that
will meet those needs. I have in my work career had those micromanagers
that in the course of their dealings with the human capital assets of
the organization kill the engagement piece due to the feeling that
everything they do does not meet the demands of the manager. The manager
fails to appreciate that those assets today are non-owned leased assets
and they can move as quickly as tomorrow.

So realistically how
engaged are your human capital assets? Is your response based on the
results of employee engagement surveys or does management truly rely on
the feelings of the front line worker as to how the organization is
functioning? It is not too late for you as a strategic, innovative and
aligned organization to change the direction you are currently headed to
focus on the employees and the voice of the customer.

Daniel Bloom & Associates, Inc. assists organization’s with the creation of empowered change strategies which are customer centric, organizationally aligned and quality based in your organization.


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