The Ultimate 60-Second Power-Down

Most every keynote, workshop and consulting gig, I find I need to remind everyone of that number: The number of minutes in a day. Limited. Finite. We need to make the best use of both our time and our attention. Both are precious.

It’s time to do more about this. You must pay more attention to what and who you give your attention to. It’s essential that, at least once per day, you step away from the noise and clutter and let your mind and body chill — powering down for just a bit.

Relationships will get better. Your ideas will be better. You’ll have more energy. The whole world will taste and feel and look and sound better! 

And all the time that takes is 60 seconds.

Crucial soundbites from a great NYTimes article on Mindfulness: Getting Its Share of Attention:

On the eve its going public, Twitter’s co-founder Evan Williams did the unthinkable: He went for a 20-minute walk without his phone. “I was actually able to look around and think about things,” he said. Something he’s been working on. “I’m better with those silences now.” is launching their business with a site focused on helping people power down for just 60 seconds per day. Says Whil’s co-founder Chip Wilson, “Getting away from the chaos and technology even for one minute is all you really need to feel refreshed.”

Sure, full-out walks or runs or time-outs or meditation blocks are best. But even if you only have time for a Power Time Out — a 60-second power-down — you must do it. Every day.

The video below walks you through the how to’s…  

How to meditate in 60 seconds. from Whil on Vimeo.

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