The UK’s first HRD-only network launches (twice)

The first in a new quarterly series of exclusive HRD networking events took place in London last week centred on the latest thinking in measuring talent by guest speaker and Danish human capital management expert, Morten Kamp Andersen. The debate focused on three areas: Why measure HR and talent; the common pitfalls to avoid; and how to calculate talent management ROI.  Owing to popular demand, a second event will take place again on 20th December to HRD’s from a broad variety of sectors including: telecoms, pharmaceuticals, retail, charity, NHS, local government and finance. 
Over 30 HRD’s have signed up to the network so far, motivated by a number of key features:
  • It is for HRD’s only
  • Meetings are shared and in turn hosted by participating members
  • Subjects for discussion such as strategic issues or practical problems are agreed by all  
  • There are no fees or sponsors
  • The focus is centred around HR strategy with a strong bend towards Human Capital
  • Speakers share insight and practical case studies to aid learning
  • It’s across all industries and sectors 
With the addition of expert guest speakers to offer new perspectives on the subject at hand, the benefit evident in the first session was the speed by which members of the same level and from a wide span of industries and sectors could discuss the real lived issues that matter to them and openly share best practice. Conversation ranged from discussions not just about the differences between world-class and administrative HR functions, but examined from experience how to overcome the barriers between them; shared insights into how to get through all the organisational data, measurements and metrics out there to make sure you get to the real nuggets (answer: don’t measure for measurement’s sake); satisfaction surveys  and measured learning (although a valuable contribution of data) were roundly disregarded as poor measurements of success, with the real value added measurement starting from looking at behavioural change and organisational performance.
This active and open collaborative sharing of practical insights was just what the founder of the network, Lindsay Soulsby, Director of Human Potential Accounting, wanted.
“I’ve been a member of countless networks, all memorable more for the surroundings or the quality of the sponsor filled brochures than the content. Equally attended conferences with stellar speakers and left without getting the opportunity to discuss the issues raised with my peers. Especially now in a time of austerity, we wanted to do something different:  HRD’s coming together in the comfort of their own offices to discuss the things that matter to them now, with guest speakers chosen only if they can enrich and enliven those subjects. The first event was a great success and we have a long list of interested topics in which to build on the first programme  including: The diversity challenge; Fair access; The 3 Intelligences: Cultural, Gender, Equality; The Employer Value Proposition; The emerging challenges of attracting Gen Z – for the New Year.”
For more information, visit the website or please contact Lindsay Soulsby, [email protected]

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