The Two Forces Inside Us

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Sunni Brown

“I did not come from a stable background. The destabilization of my earlier years was helpful in many ways. It drives creativity, it drives ambition, it drives compassion…so I wouldn’t ever change it.

“But it also has a dark side which is that it’s very hard to harness energy that’s not destructive. And it’s hard to the very high level of aspirational goals because a lot of you is caught up in self-maintenance. You have to take better care of yourself than a person who had not had that destabilizing life. So it bleeds a lot of energy off.

“I have a Zen teacher, Flint Sparks. He’s one of my disruptive heroes. An incredible man! He’s a Buddhist priest, and also a clinical psychologist. I’ve been working with him for a few years, and from him I’ve learned an extraordinary amount of personal leadership, compassion and courage, and how to align to your aspirations.

“Flint has completely made it possible to liberate a lot of energy that has been fixed or conditioned in a crappy way, so that I could apply it to creativity and possibilities.”

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We are our history and experiences. They made up who we are and who we were. But they do not have to determine who we are becoming and who we will be. Those are within our control. 

Sunni choose to share something we all need to examine. That is: How we liberate our own energies that have been fixed on negativity or keep us trapped in our past

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