The true story of David Wood, who has put himself on EBAY to find a job



We all know that job seekers have got it tough at the moment – in whatever country or market they are in. Now there are many of them that will just apply for jobs, send CV’s off to recruitment agencies and companies alike and play the reactive job search – i.e. wait for the jobs come to them. There are others, however, that are pro-active in their approach – with different levels of creativity.

I have previously highlighted others that have created eyecatching CV’s, and there is the option of using video etc to promote yourself. But here is an example of someone using EBAY as a self-promotional tool.

David Wood has put himself on EBAY with a cleverly written advert style description (click on the image to open it up to full size).

I spoke to David today, and his story has taken the press by storm. He made the local and national press, and this is an approach he has been planning for a while. Out of work since October 2010, he needed to find a job. In his own words,  David decided to ‘strap himself in for the journey” of finding a job via using the power of EBAY and the social media channels that are now sharing his story (just like this blog!). He is an active Twitter user and had the idea of using EBAY for a little while.
After some tweets with his tTwitter following ‘exploring the idea’ of using the medium of EBAY, David was approached by a PR firm who helped him create the campaign. Since then his life has become a little busy!
Their first advert on EBAY was actually banned – as it broke the selling rules – they strangely classed him as selling body parts (i.e. himself!). So they rewrote the advert, in the way you see below – pitching himself as a product. I do like some of the ways he has ‘productised’ himself:

  • This fantastic auction is for a superb sales service package filled with features and has been developed over 25 years.
  • The price of £35k is for a years exclusive use of this particular package and can be made in monthly payments over the 12-month period.  Sensible offers also will also be considered.
  • This package has received good reviews and is stable and well tested.

Ebay man
I know others have tried this on EBAY, and I am surprised more people haven’t done this to-date – although I am sure it contravenes EBAY rules somewhere!

Having spoken to David, I only wish him well, and this is a story you will see over the press over the next few weeks. If you want to make contact with David, then you can reach him  at 07903 350010 or via email [email protected]

Good luck to David – but is is innovation or not? What do you think?


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