The Traits of a Social Employee

As explained in the book, The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work, there can be no mistaking that brands’ relationships to both their customers and employees are changing. In the digital bazaar, the authentic voice of the social employee can be a brand’s most powerful asset in forging long-term, dynamic relationships with customers and other important members of online communities.

So, how do you find your social employees? Employee engagement, their inclusion of their profession in social media, their commitment to the company, their ability to collaborate, their listening skills, their customer skills and their ability to influence change in the organization are all traits of a fantastic social employee. Here are seven distinct traits of a social employee:

  1. Engaged – take pride in their work and know that their contributions contribute to shareholder value.
  2. Integrates Personal and Professional – anticipates and even expects that work / life balance will be simplified through cloud and mobile technologies.
  3. Is a Corporate Storyteller – believe in their companies and don’t hesitate in being a brand advocate.
  4. Born Collaborator – embraces and promotes a culture of sharing ideas and fostering creativity.
  5. A Good Listener – appreciates that effective listening is not waiting until it’s”their turn to speak” but rather to ask clarifying questions and to offer feedback.
  6. Customer-Centric – doesn’t just feel that the customer is “always right” but also understands that they represent the brand and therefore works to deliver meaningful outcomes.
  7. Empowered as Change Agents – a social business empowers the social employee to make positive change either by providing the right work tools or by listening to the employee voice.

Check out the infographic below for more information on how to find your social employees. Now all you need to do is go find them!

Source: Infographic: The 7 Traits of the Social Employee | Marketing Technology Blog

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