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The Top 50 companies that are best at engaging with you via social media

Question: If you are a candidate looking for a job AND you are using social media as part of your job search, wouldn’t you want to know which brands are more open to engaging with you online?
I hear so many times from candidates that have reached out to companies via social media, only to never receive a response. Maybe those same companies had no intention of engaging with social media? Maybe they were just using the social channels because they felt they ‘needed to be there’?

My message to companies is simple: if you have no intention of engaging with candidates (and other interested parties) via the social channels such as Facebook or Twitter, then leave it to the companies that do. Just don’t waste their time and your time in the process!

For those people that do want to engage with the main brands, this graphic (created for Yomego, using Alterians SM2 product) shows how the global brands get positioned when comparing to how they listen and engage with people via social media.

Snakes and Ladders
Interesting isn’t it?

What would be interesting if the same survey was done with the recruitment teams from these same companies. Would the positions be the same then?

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