The Tables Turned: Les McKeown Interviews Michael (Plus a Surprise Guest Visit)

I do love doing the Great Work Interviews, not least because I get to pepper interesting people with nosey questions.

But occasionally the roles are reversed and it’s me who gets a good grilling. It happened just the other day with my friend Les McKeown, leader of Predictable Success and contributor to the Great Work philanthropic project End Malaria.

Les’s workshop has proved to be one of two critical factors that have helped Box of Crayons significantly increase its impact in the last two years. In the workshop, the VP of Everything Else and I finally got to grips with exactly what our roles should be in Box of Crayons … and it’s made all the difference.

This is a great conversation with Les, and for those who are curious to hear what the VP of Everything Else sounds like, she shows up in the middle to share her point of view on life, Box of Crayons and the importance of champagne.

You can listen to the interview here.

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