The State Departments Social Media Usage Policy

Need something interesting to read?  The United States Department of State publicly released its Social Media Usage policy today and it is worth taking time to check out as it will provide insights for other organizations looking to understand what needs to be in their policies.

While there are dozens of great details in the document here are a few highlights:

  • The document speaks to the fact that these guidelines apply to both internal and external social media usage.  Understanding and then addressing this fact is important as these tools offer real value across the entire organization.
  • Up front the document makes it clear that other policies are still in effect.  For example, your usage policies should note that items covered in employee handbooks still apply.
  • Definitions and terms are defined at the beginning of the document.  Make this clear up front so that there is no room for confusion.
  • The document does an excellent job noting the different guidelines for internal and external networks, for personal and professional accounts.  Great job including items like this:  “Department personnel may access and post entries to public, Internet-based social media sites, from OpenNet using their personal profile registered with a personal email address…” 

The document also covers important topics such as monitoring, archiving, and when you need to get approval to post.  While I will create a template as part of The Social Ecosystem effort this comprehensive document would make a great starting point.


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