The Spiritual Workout

Training for the Conscious Mind. And Business.

I love this idea.

Tibet: An elderly Tibetan women holding a pray...

Tibet: An elderly Tibetan women holding a prayer wheel on the Lhasa’s pilgrimage circuit of Barkhor. The Barkhor, a quadrangle of streets that surrounds the Jokhang Temple, is both the spiritual heart of the holy city and the main commercial district for Tibetans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s not for everybody. Some won’t think it proper for the workplace.  Some may find some of the views, ideas or practices contrary to their own beliefs.

I love it.  The ideas set forth mesh well with my own personal mission for work:

          Be – Do – Care

From their website:

At its core, Spiritual Workout is a practice.

It’s as simple as it is dynamic, as practical as it is non-religious, as compelling as it is unique, and as thought-provoking as it is uplifting.

It’s all about using these ancient and universally spiritual concepts…

Be Compassionate • Beliefs Matter • Be Present • Choices Abound • Everything Is Energy • Have an Attitude of Gratitude • Intentions Matter • Judgments Separate Us • Listen to Inspiration • Mind and Body Are Connected • Take Responsibility • The Law of Attraction Is Always On • We Are All Connected • We Are Here for a Reason • We Belong to the Planet, Not the Planet to Us

…as a means to grow, as a means to solve, heal, and move through – once and for all – the issues and challenges and problems of everyday life and living that have a tendency to drag us down.

When we practice (and practice and practice) filtering our issues through these concepts, everything changes.

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