The Social Networking Lightbulb Moment

For more than a year now I have been speaking  to  groups and
individuals about the benefits of using social networking
specifically and social media generally for business.  More recently I
have been coaching clients to help them work out  what they want to do.
Most come for coaching on the basis that they know that lots of people
are talking about social networking and how it is great for business but
they themselves are just not “getting” it.

After establishing why they have signed up for any particular site in
the first place ( very often because they were invited to by an
“enlightened” friend) we work through the functions of the site – mainly
Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

And in every case somewhere in the middle of this the client has
their “lightbulb moment”.

We coaches know the benefits of asking questions to unlock the issues
in their clients. It is never about the coach – but boy is it
satisfying to watch someone’s moment of realisation!

The most important thing though is that actions follow that moment
where everything starts to make sense.

In his excellent  book “Read This First” Ron Ploof  talks about 3 categories of
people – in his case the book is about how companies use social media so
he is talking about employees – the Traditionals, the “Get Its” and the
“Running with Scissors”. As my clients have taken the step to find out
more they no longer fit the “Traditionals” – people who Ploof says “ not
only don’t “get it”  but are adamant about “not getting it””.  They
possibly are partially into the “get its” – people who are willing to
try and experiment with new things. The most important thing for me is
to gently remind them  that if the follow Ploof’s definition of “Running
With Scissors”…they might just end up in a spot of bother.

 I love his description -”They’re the  [people] who dive into the
pool without checking where the deep end is”

There is a temptation when we suddenly “get ” something to put our
heart and souls into finding out more. In the world of social media it
usually pays to take things slow( ish) and build on successes. Now I am
beginning to sound like an old fogey here and there are wonderful
examples of people who just gave it a go using a blog or connection on
Facebook  etc but really there is no hurry. Transforming your business
using social networks should be a long term strategy becoming simply the
way you do things, so taking time to think, ask for advice, experiment
and get some feedback , change your mind ( all of which your social
networks online will be delighted to help with if you give them a
chance) is the way to go.

Maybe I could help you work towards your own “lightbulb moment” ?

By the way – Iwill be launching  new website
shortly which will include more information about using social media for
your business as well as details of my coaching services and
communication skills training that I offer. Why not drop me an e-mail  –
[email protected]
and I will let you know when it is up and running ( I promise not to
use it for anything else!)

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