The Social Ecosystem is NOW: Greetings!

Hello to everyone and thank you John for creating a wonderful forum for discussion and sharing. My name is Aaron Howard and you can learn more about me at John’s post, The Social Ecosystem message is gaining traction.

Later today I will start posting articles focused on the Social Ecosystem and its implications to leadership within both private and public organizations. My focus will be on a system of management called NOW and how to drive growth, great customer experience and ultimately … competitive advantage.

John wrote earlier today that, “In very simple terms The Social Ecosystem is a framework for a common language, a common set of practices to help organizations of all types across all geographies to deal with the 80% of the challenges that are common across all types of organizations.  The remaining 20% is where organizational and marketplace differences come in, and where people should be focusing their time.  There is no need to constantly complicate this process and regularly re-invent the wheel.”

In future conversations we will talk about how important it is to have system of management to address the 80% of challenges that are common and the 20% where unique opportunities for growth exist. We will talk about business fundamentals and breakthroughs. We will also talk about why NOW has become so important to all of us. And, I will introduce you to several colleagues and customers who are in the mainstream of these exciting concepts.

More to follow very soon …. Aaron

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