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The Social Business Employee Manifesto

David Armano recently posted the Social Business manifesto focusing on the relationship between a social business and its customers.

So I thought I’d give a shot to making a manifesto for the Social Business and its relationship with employees.

  1. We will no longer view you as “employees” only to do the work you are assigned. Instead, you are co-creators, participants, critics and advocates.
  2. We will actively ask for your input on products, services, structures, processes and give it to you to co-create them with us.
  3. We will focus not on the time you spend in office but the results you achieve.
  4. We will provide value, not jobs.
  5. We will provide you the tools to connect across silos, departments, locations to meet the changing demands of a networked economy and social customers.
  6. We will focus on your needs vs. our ends.
  7. We will together focus on reducing the noise within the organization.
  8. We will together destroy processes that do not let us build human relationships within and without.
  9. We will encourage you to build relationships that connect all of us with partners, stakeholders and customers in ways where we all benefit.
  10. We will act ethically and transparently, and expect you too, because it’s no longer a choice.

What else? Any other point that you’d like to add to this manifesto? Leave a comment and let’s make this an ever growing list.

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