The Small Goals

I don’t know if you have big goals, or if you are navigating with no map. Working with goals is quite interesting, but also frustrating if you fail at reaching them. Even if you have goals, or have no goals, working with small goals might be beneficial for you.

  • What do you want to achieve?
    Define your goal. Make it measurable. Not: Empty your mailbox. But: Handle xx numbers of mails.


  • By when do you want to achieve it?
    Set a time limit, not further ahead than one week. If it takes more than one week, it is no longer a small goal. And your reward will be too far ahead.


  • What do you need to succeed?
    Define stuff that gets in your way. If you need to work out, make sure you have the equipment and time to do it. Maybe you need a friend to push you? Maybe you need to shut off your phone. Find the things that will hinder you, get it out of the way. Find the stuff that will help you, and get it ready.


  • How will you know that you succeeded?
    Visualize the destination, what will it look like? How will you know that you made your goal? Make a checklist or use visual aids, like putting four post-its on your refrigerator and remove one for each workout during the week.


  • Celebrate
    Make sure to reward yourself, This can be anything, a movie night, candy, a glass of wine, a dance to loud music. Your choice.


  • Repeat
    If it worked for the first week, do it again for the next.

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