The Return of the HR Mummy

Mrs Thatcher – ah, how that name evokes memories (I won’t guess which colour) – prided herself on drawing an analogy between the nation’s and the household’s finances.

Can we draw a similar analogy between the job of an HR manager and a
parent? You know, catering for changing needs, being prepared with
strategies for defusing tantrums, planning for future education, keeping
the person occupied and interested, being careful they don’t hurt
themselves or get over-tired? Or am I being silly?

Children cost
money (the clothes, the food, the toys, the entertainment, the
transport). Employees cost money, but let’s ignore their salaries for
the time being. It’s all the other overheads – and I don’t mean the
utility bills and the equipment. I mean the cost of those tantrums, that
cyberslacking, that destructive or malicious act of rebellion, that
going a.w.o.l.

Some parents are good at household budgeting and
know exactly how much money they’ve got available at the end of the
month for extra luxuries, and where it all went if they haven’t got it.
Others just muddle along somehow, cutting back their spending if they’re
running low – I think I’m one of those people – or putting it on their
credit card or overdraft. What type of HR manager are you? The kind who
puts aside some time and money as a contingency for workplace fraud or
unexpected resignations, and tries to prevent awkward situations

Or the kind
who deals with them if and when they happen, and trusts that the money
will come from somewhere?

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