The Recruiting UnConference is going to be pod-tastic in the Barclays Tower!

Barclays Tower - the 2009 home of the Recruiting Unconference

Well after all the hype and expectation, the UK’s first recruitment unconference is upon us. On Thursday 19th Bill Boorman International Enterprises is storming into the Barclays Tower (pictured above) and doing something in a Global Bank HQ, that will be decidedly ‘un’ bank-like!! I bet they have never had an unconference in there! (Are you nervous Barclays?)

You have to admit that this location is a bit special! We are in the Atrium on the 30th floor – I am looking forward to the view from there!

There are some great track leaders during the day, and we will be discussing everything that is recruitment, from Gen Y to Social Media to Video Candidate Experience to Technology and even Blogging (did I mention I am going to have some fun leading my blogging pod?)

The Aviary at the Unconference What is intriguing, are the pods that we will be spending the day in. I think Bill has done a deal with the makers of Star Trek and secured some of the film set to use for the day!!

Don’t they look funky?

The only downside in a day of innovation, fun and frivolities (oh, yes and some great recruitment discussions as well!) is that we are ‘obliged’ to meet the bank’s dress code. We all have to wear a blue suit, white shirt and red tie (don’t forget the hanky out of the top pocket!)………………..well ok, not quite, but jeans and hawaiian shirts are definitely out. Damn!!
Smart casual is the order of the day!

Anyway, I am really looking forward to the day (and the evening tweet up) and spending the day talking blogging with a whole bunch of great people! 

My hope is that I can turn some blog virgins into the next great bloggers of the future! Wish me luck on that one!!

If you are going to follow the days activities on Twitter, then just follow the #trulondon on Twitter. There will be plenty of pictures, videos and some comment that I will be posting both during and after the exciting event.

Hope to see you there in Canary Wharf.

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