The Promise of Blended Learning

Blended LearningOnline learning is quickly becoming essential. It is efficient, economical and the best way for businesses to remain relevant in a changing world. As technology advances at breakneck speeds, a company’s approach to operations needs to advance, too. When it comes to training, those that have not instituted eLearning courses may already be falling behind.

Blended learning is a term that describes the type of online training system many companies currently have in place. It refers to training that is conducted both online and face to face. In blended learning, classroom sessions are complimented by online activities and assignments.

These types of learning initiatives are successful because eLearning adds a sense of dynamism that classrooms can’t offer. Online curriculum can be presented in multiple ways and speak to a variety of learning preferences. Blended learning is customizable and engaging. It is a game changer, redefining education.

Businesses Embrace Customizable Learning

Workplace learning offers employees opportunities to adopt tools that enable them to do their jobs well. By making this type of learning available online, employees are more inclined to embrace training like never before.

Businesses look to incorporate online eLearning platforms. Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are the best systems for workplace training programs. They offer learning environments that go above and beyond physical training sessions by offering features like video conferencing integration, public discussion boards, private one-on-one realtime chats, as well as establishing individual learning paths and hosting complete online courses.

LMSs Redefine Company Training

In a traditional learning space, instructors explain training material, distribute supporting documents and assign “homework”. Learners often leave classes to complete assignments on their own. Upon collecting the assignments, the instructor offers feedback and gives support to those who have questions or concerns about the topic being discussed.

This lengthy approach to learning gets turned on its head in an environment of blended learning. While class time may still be held in a physical space, all assignments could be completed online where support can be accessed immediately. Instead of waiting to see the instructor, learners are able to reach out with questions and receive feedback right away.

As blended learning increases in popularity some companies consider moving all training initiatives to cloud-based platforms. TOPYX® learning management system is a remotely hosted eLearning platform that companies trust to fulfill their online training needs. It hosts communication, stores important learning material and makes sure that individuals receive the one-on-one attention they want and deserve. Request a free demo of TOPYX to understand how this system fulfills online learning needs.

Blended learning is something the business world grapples with constantly. Now is the time to transition to online training initiatives. The technology is available and learners are ready.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
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