The Power of Respect by Deborah Norville

“If respect is the grease that helps society move smoothly, relationships are the glue that holds it together.” – Deborah Norville

This book is about respect as both a verb and a noun.  Deborah Norville explores both the how-to’s of demonstrating respect, and the notion of self-respect in our family lives, schools and workplaces. She draws the conclusion that self-respect and dignity are the foundation of being able to show respect to others.

Using her journalistic research skills, Norville cites various studies and interviews with people, both famous and unknown to help support her point of view.  Many of the anecdotes are heartbreaking—a bullied 13 year old commits suicide, a soldier in Iraq is burned nearly beyond recognition. Many others are uplifting and inspirational.  But none cross into sentimentality.  Norville has a point to make and it’s this: old-fashioned as the notion of “respect” may seem in this day, it’s a key ingredient to building and maintaining solid relationships.  It’s a shame we need a book to remind us, but I’m glad Ms. Norville has done so.


(Disclosure: As part of the Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers program, I received a free copy of this book. )

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