The Power of Reflection

As the year-end quickly approaches, right now is the perfect opportunity to spend some time reflecting on your accomplishments and failures from the past year.

Reflection is such an important tool for learning and growth.

Reflecting on your accomplishments can help motivate you to strive for similar and greater achievements in the future.

Reflecting on your accomplishments can help you to see what went right and create a plan to reproduce those results.

Reflecting on accomplishments makes you feel good about what you have worked on, and makes you feel valuable and acknowledged.

Reflection is great for both individuals and groups.  Around this time of year many organizations use holiday celebrations as an opportunity to reflect on the year’s accomplishments, and to recognize and reward their talent for their great work.

Self and group reflection can be a very humbling process.  It gives you the opportunity to think about the hard work and steps it took to achieve something, how and why you did it, and how you can better yourself and/or the process in the future.

That is why it is equally important to reflect on the failures you and your team have had in the past.  Henry Ford once said, “Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.”  It is through reflection that you can evaluate failure and create a plan of action to begin again more intelligently by learning from your mistakes.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself as a jumping off point for reflection:
·     What is your greatest accomplishment from the past year?
·     What did you learn from that experience that you will reproduce in the future?
·     What is your greatest failure from the past year?
·     What did you learn from that failure that will help you grow in the future?
·     What interpersonal skills would you like to improve in the next year?
·     What internal processes would you like to improve upon with your team?
·     What steps will you take to accomplish these goals?

Happy reflecting!

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