The power of microconversation

So it went something like this at DevLearn 09…

Person 1: Hi (extending hand)
Person 2: Hi (shaking hand)
Person 1:  Nice to meet you. I’m Phillip…pause…
Person 2: Nice to meet you too. I’m Janet…pause (makes uncomfortable glance at person 1’s name tag…)
Person 1: I’m @pipwerks
Person 2: <hug> OMG </hug>

And then the conversation starts. A conversation between people who know a fair amount about each other. (Metallica or Megadeth?)

Gone is the “where do you work/what do you do/let me give you my card” dance.  I think Twitter is the new business card. The business card that keeps giving.

And how cool is it to walk into a restaurant and go through the introductions that include your Twitter handle. (btw, I can’t stand “handle.” It reminds me of CB radios. 10-4 good buddy)

Of course there were a bunch of people I didn’t meet because my god damn introverted personality. It’s just like this account and I’m totally coming out because I’m tired of feeling bad about it. So there, baggage gone. And it seems appropriate here to note that Aaron Silvers and Mark Oehlert know how to care of an introvert. They saved me from sucking all the air out of whatever room I was in.

BTW…here’s an introvert test just in case you wanna join me in this exclusive club.

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