The Personalization Rule

Do you know the difference between being exceptional and ordinary?

I believe that every Chief Customer Officer, every Chief Executive Officer, and everyone associated with serving a customer has a similar goal of being exceptional versus ordinary.

While every customer is unique, there are some common and consistent expectations.

Each and every one of your customers is going to want more personalization, more speed and more authenticity.

A lot of people, in fact most people, talk about the importance of the golden rule. The golden rule being, “Treat the customer as you want to be treated.”

I do not think the golden rule was ever good advice.

In fact, in today’s personalization economy, it is horrible advice!

Customers don’t care about your preferences, your desires or your expectations. Customers care about getting served in a way that they want to be treated — not how you think you want to be treated!

The best companies, the best leaders, the best Chief Customer Officers know that the difference between being exceptional and being seen as ordinary comes down to managing the details in a personalized, authentic and friendly way.

How about you try tossing out the golden rule and applying the personalization rule!

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