The Personalization Economy Applies To Everything, Not Just ‘Premium’ Brands!

These are fabulous times if you are a customer.
These are fabulous times if you are trying to serve a customer.
These are trying times to be a customer.
These are trying times to serve a customer.

Think about it for a moment — this has always been true.

If you take a snapshot in time, innovations, disruptive technologies, changing customer expectations, preferences, wants and desires have always created both opportunities and threats.

Today, and in the future, I believe the chasm is widening.

The personalization chasm.

It has a nice ring to it.

This universal law holds true for individuals, teams and companies.

Those who learn how to create personalized, authentic, friendly, fast and hassle-free experiences will be in demand and able to charge a premium.

Those individuals, teams and organizations who do not personalize will be on the wrong side of the chasm.

They will be commoditized, or worse yet, disrupted out of business.

My hope for you is that you find yourself on the right side of the personalization chasm.

If not, enjoy becoming a commodity.

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