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Image from Susan NYC on FlickrWhen I see an empty location I act like a kid outside the candy shop, I am sticking my face into the window and drool all over the place, imaging what it COULD have been. I think about all possible opportunities and my imagination runs wild. I picture myself running all kinds of businesses depending on size and location. People who walk with me in a city knows that I need to be dragged away from a “for rent” or “for sale” sign in front of an empty lot. So what is the perfect business idea?

The dream of self-employment

Since I was way to young I dreamt about running my own business. I did twice. The first time I was 20, and opened a music store selling all the latest hits. It worked as a charm and I spent about two years paying for my own salary before I closed up. The next thing was more on the side. I started making websites during nights when I was not working in the electronic store or bartending. Actually made a good income at the late 90’s coding HTML by night. (No, I had no kids back then…) But the HUGE dream is to come up with the best business idea ever. But times have changed, a safe job is important for me now, and my brain has created something called “fear” – and I love my job, so… no need to go ballistic.

But a lot of people dream of self-employment, so what is the perfect idea? I have figured out some factors. This might come with a twist at the end. I got Gina Abudi thinking, so it has something to it. Bear with me as I try to explain…

It’s not about products or services.

You are not guaranteed to do business if you have the best products. If you google “great brands that died” – you’ll get 33 000 000 hits! – So it does not help to have good brands either. The only thing you’ll need is CUSTOMERS. So this is giving me a seed about the perfect customer centric company. It is all about the customers. What is a customer? It is a relationship between two people. You and someone else willing to pay for what you offer…

So where am I going?

Social media…? am I talking about some new “hype” or web “full of air” idea? No… I am talking about the 100 % customer centric organization. Resulting in…

Another kind of business idea.

Why not start with building an online presence. Build a blog, engage readers, and build a huge twitter follower base. Interact, build a community. Then build a CRM system and support system. Then decide how to handle your customers. How should you interact with them? What services or products would they like? How are you going to have fun at work? Create a logistics plan that works. Make decisions on how to deliver your products or how to serve your services. And when all routines and systems are in place, interact with your customer to find out what to serve them? If you like to sell, does it matter what you sell? Build all services on optimal customer experience before deciding what to do.

How many do you reach?

I reach about 3000* people directly in my social media circles. I have about 120 unique readers to my blog each day. I do not sell or offer anything. Today I was mentioned to about 120.000 twitter users thanks to some good re-tweets. Your business should be global. Your services should be global. The products you would like to sell should be global. I on the other hand have been thinking way too much on the perfect business idea so (* yeah, I know, not much, so follow me on twitter)

I have a lot of requirements.

  1. If it is a product it should be small and endure transportations. I wish I knew how to make mineral makeup.
  2. Needs to have a good profit.
  3. A digital copy for download would be awesome. Some kind of software. Wish I was a bit more hard core geek.
  4. Music is a good idea but impossible for a “newcomer”
  5. Needs to be something people are willing to pay for.
  6. Customers and employees must have fun!
  7. Customers must be impressed.

“Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.” – W. Edwards Deming

But in the end, it is all about recruiting and retaining customers. Build an excellent customer handling routine and make the rest of your business plan according to making the best customer experience ever.

Oh sweet dreams of mine…I could offer my two cents on leadership? I do dream about being a professional coach or a paid public speaker. I even dream of running the perfect e-commerce store, my dreams are plenty… What is your dream? How about starting your business plan with customer services first?

Frode Heimen

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