The Pelicans are Dying

Of all the tough jobs in the world I’ve always believed that the hardest is to be a news photographer whose daily obligation is to capture moments that are truthful and tell a complete story without the benefit of words. There is nothing as powerful as a still image that captures a horrible reality.  When those stories are of war or disasters, natural or manmade, they are often heartbreaking and sometimes even change the world a little for better.  In my long career, I have worked with many of the best photographers and I know the personal price they often pay for being our eyewitness to tragedy.  This  photo essay on sea birds trapped in oil by AP Photographer Charlie Riedel has done more over the last two days to galvanize public opinion than all of the press coverage over the nearly two months since the Gulf spill.  Charlie Riedel could be remembered as the man who brought down BP.

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