The Outside View: Is HR slowing down business growth

Taking the outside view

If only I had been in London,I could have gone to see the premier of this documentary “The Outside View” today.  Hopefully I’ll get to see the full version via the Interwebs soon anyway.   It looks pretty interesting, and raises an interesting question:  “Is HR slowing down business growth?”


Do you want: The brightest engineer from Facebook, the best marketer from P&G or Warren Buffett as your CFO?

Your budget will often crush those dreams.

But if baseball can use rocket scientists and data analytics to outperform richer teams so can business.  (and so can HR!)

From the Ivy League to the major baseball league, from London skyscrapers to Silicon Valley startups, the documentary is full of eminent academics, quirky statisticians and celebrity CEOs that will teach you to how to choose between Steve Jobs and ‘I want a job.’

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