The one where I interview Chris Brogan about HR Florida and his new book

Chris Brogan is a lot of things, including an HR Conference Speaker

I didn’t go to the HR Florida State Conference in 2013. Work projects and all sorts of other stuff broke my 5 year streak. I survived the loss, although just barely. It’s always a terrific event because HR Florida always goes big, especially on their keynote speakers. I was especially pleased to see that the keynote speakers this year were going to be Jon Favreau and Chris Brogan.

I’ve been connected to Chris via various social media platforms for years. I’ve seen him speak in small venues, and had a chance to briefly meet him a couple of times. He shares his work and ideas in a a very humble and personal manner, and he really is a nice guy.

I reached out to him when I saw he was speaking in my home state, and asked if I could interview him, He was nice enough to agree, and you can see my questions and his answer below. On the very, very off chance you don’t know Chris, I am also including his bio from the HR Florida Conference page.

CHRIS BROGAN, CEO & President, Human Business Works

Human Business Works is an education publishing and media company dedicated to helping professionals work better, do the work they want, and to be brave. Chris is the New York times bestselling co-author of The Impact Equation, and a sought-after professional keynote speaker.

Michael: You aren’t an HR person, but you have a deep interest in the idea of Human Business. Explain: A) What is human business? and B) How did you find your way to the concept?

Chris: The idea of human business is that it’s sustainable, relationship-minded business. I believe that we’re at the crux of a very huge revolution. When we left the cottage/farm era and went industrial, we pushed too far. We now have the tools and desire to go really deep and really custom and really personalized with our businesses. This is going to require new tools and new mindsets. That’s what I’m all about.

Michael: You are a prolific communicator, but most recently a magazine publisher – explain Owner and what you hope to accomplish there.

Chris: Owner magazine is what I’ve thrown all my hopes into. It’s a how-to business magazine to provide the curriculum for the future. What would I like to accomplish? World domination.

Michael: You are also an author with a new book coming out on March 17th called The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth – (haven’t we done that already?). Where did the idea for the book come from, and why this topic?

Chris: The idea follows answer 1 and 2. Basically, we’ve been told forever that weirdos have to fit in. I say no. They have to find their like-minded weirdos and serve them well. That’s the book. Entrepreneurship for misfits.

Michael: You are what is often referred to as “a highly sought after keynote speaker”, and you’ll be speaking to a group which I am part of – HR Florida this year. Do you know what your topic for the HR Florida Conference is about yet?

Chris: My topic will be about the owner’s mind, essentially. In the old days, hiring was a cog-filling job. First, no one wants to be a cog any longer. Second, businesses can’t succeed with order-takers. They need leaders and owners at all levels. I’ll help frame this plus provide clues as to how one might better recruit and retain such talent.

Michael: What’s the best Brogan tip for speakers or wanna-be’s?

Chris: Be helpful. Be brief. Be funny as all get out. Be unique in your choices.

Michael: Finally, where will Chris Brogan be in five years?

Chris: Where I always am: directly in front of a raft of changes that I hope to explore and then educate others about

Amen bro, amen…..

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