The one BIG mistake that every company is making with their candidate recruitment



There is so much written and spoken about social recruiting and social media for businesses, there is a danger of over complication of the essence of understanding what the whole experience should be.

There is a phrase I use a lot when talking to clients about recruitment, social recruiting or using social media in recruitment. It is a mistake every company makes and which (for me) is the no.1 thing they need (but often fail) to do:

Look back at yourself through the eyes of your candidates.

What does the candidate experience when they start interacting with your brand? It could be your career site, your website, your Twitter profile, your Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile or even just an email or phone call they receive from you.
Have you ever even considered what the experience is for a candidate for any of the above? When was the last time you even bothered to consider what the candidates see when interacting with your brand?

As we move more into the social recruiting sphere (and don’t think you can avoid it for long), the transparent nature of social media becomes ever more obvious. With the ability for people to instantly share (on all of the social networks) information on companies – both good and bad – the need to consider what the candidates are experiencing is truly paramount.

If you are recruiting graduates or young people, then look at the content you are presenting from their perspective. If you are of a different generation, get one of your employees who fit that demographic to review it.
If you are recruiting more experienced people, and you don’t fit that same skill profile, again get one of your employees with relevant experience to check the content, to see if what you have produced resonates with them. This sounds so simple doesn’t it, but I know from experience that the majority of companies don’t even consider what the candidates see!
There still seems to be an element of brand arrogance in the market when it comes to companies believing people want to work for ‘their’ brand, because they are who they are. >>Wake up and smell the coffee –  those days are quickly disappearing!!

Whether you are producing a new website, new career site, a new blog or even a new Facebook page, you absolutely (with no exceptions either) need to put the audience first. Think of who you are trying to reach out to. Then target the content accordingly to that audience.

You have such a small window to get the persons attention (maybe just 10 -15 seconds, according to some web experts), that you just have to get it right immediately.

So, remember, look back at yourself through the eyes of your candidates. Grab a coffee and go an do it today…….. I think you will be a little shocked at what you see!

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