The October Leadership Carnival Is Live!

by Miki Saxon

For people who love blogs and crave a variety of ideas, viewpoints and opinions carnivals are like potato chips—you can’t read just one.

But unlike potato chips, blog posts don’t get stale, so return as often as you like before (or after) the next Carnival goes live November 1 at Dan McCarthy’s Great Leadership.

This month’s host is Becky Robinson at Leader Talk.

Ever wonder how the posts are chosen? The answer is by the blogger—each of us chooses a recent post that we feel brings exceptional value to you.

There is an enormous amount of practical advice in these posts; useful whether you are in a classic ‘leadership’ role, raising kids or in the most important role of all—leading yourself.

Scan down the list and cherry-pick the ones that will be most useful to you immediately; then read those whose descriptions pique your interest.

One last note. Please some back and share the links of those you found to be of the most use.

(You can find other carnivals in which Leadership Turn has participated here.)


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