The night I met Tony Hsieh from @Zappos in the bathroom

HR Florida random weirdness

Hooking up  Running into a celebrity CEO / Keynote Speaker in the bathroom  facilities near the bar at our conference hotel is not a everyday experience for me.  It happened to me on Sunday night here at HR Florida.  It was weird and turned out to be fun.

In order to avoid being a little too graphic, let’s just say that for a brief shining moment, Tiny Hsieh, CEO of Zappos and I were alone in a hotel bathroom taking care of and minding our own personal business. (as guys usually do)

I found myself calculating the proper etiquette of making a personal connection with a famous business dude in this type of setting.   My dilemma was ended by the intervention of a third party, when a loud drink guy burst into the bathroom and shouted something like “Hey!!!  Dude, I want one of those shirts!”  while heading straight to the urinal to take care of his own business.    Adroitly recognizing the perfect escape opportunity, Tony and I bailed at the same time.   Tony held the door for me, by the way.

In the hall, we shook hands, made small talk for a minute and went our separate ways.  I mentioned to the group of HR peeps that I had met Tony in the bathroom, and like the true fan boys they are, they all ran over to say hello to Tony while I hid behind a half wall.    Tony and his posse were gracious, and Tony even brought over a round of shots a few minutes later. (tequila and Grey Goose)

Oh yeah, Tony also gave an awesome presentation on Monday about “Delivering Happiness“  Apparently that can also be done in shot glasses.



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