The Next Installment in Pinstripe’s Award Winning Series

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C  Users bperkins Desktop film reel resized 600Did you know that movie theaters make more money on selling concessions than on movie tickets? I don’t know if this bothers, surprises, or pleases you, but I found it interesting. How much money is continuously invested in the advertising of the latest, greatest and most epic movies only to lead you to the concessions!? Fortunately for us, companies looking to secure a strong partner for their hiring needs don’t just watch commercials and look forward to the *free extra butter nights (*only available at some locations).

Pinstripe continues its strong presence in the RPO space with another top ten finish on the HRO Today Baker’s Dozen list, a yearly ranking to showcase the top providers, nationwide of RPO services. This is our fourth year in a row securing a top ten place on this list, demonstrating that we are not just posting impressive trailers and promising *free extra butter nights, but an exceptional and real approach to pinpointing top talent for every company that we create a partnership with.

A continued and focused intent on building partnerships, not just forming relationships, and tailoring our recruiting efforts to meet and exceed the needs of our clients, has allowed us to continuously move forward and to differentiate ourselves in the RPO space.

We dedicate teams to each client, working to secure top talent faster. Like an Alfred for Bruce, or a Lois for Clark or even a Q for James, we provide a secure backbone for each partner to build, feel strong and move forward in their dedicated area of expertise.

We continue to strive forward, looking towards next year’s fifth part in the Pinstripe series entitled, “Being more like us, and less like everybody else.”

Not an ordinary company, not an ordinary partner, Pinstripe continues to prove that we are not just counting on hip trailers, or *free extra butter nights, but that we are creating a team that offers our clients the show and dinner, the meal and the deal.

Congratulations Pinstripe on another excellent year, and in the words of Buzz Light Year… ok, I won’t, because I know you already know.

~~ The End, Happily Ever After ~~

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