The next Carnival of HR is gonna rock right here

We’re really excited that Leaders. Better. Brighter. is hosting the next Carnival of HR on November 10!

I want our Carnival of HR to be a rock and roll carnival — literally and figuratively.

Meaning it should ROCK — referencing rock itself, the music, musicianship, instruments (drums are a plus), favorite singers and/or bands, and/or containing the essence of what it means to rock in HR, leadership and business today.

Any subject from recruiting, hiring, onboarding, development (employee, leadership, etc.), performance management, succession planning, workforce planning, retention, social media in the workplace, layoffs, firing, and so on and so forth.

boom-boom-crash-boom-boom-crash-boom-boom-rat-a-tat-tat. *splash*

Please send submissions to: kgrossman(at)glowan(dot)com

Thank you!

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