The news is dead, long live the news (Half of Americans get their news online 3x a week)

Over the past few weeks I’ve talked about the (UK) Ofcom study showing that TV is the most essential medium for consumers, and the (US) Pew Research one showing that the TV set is becoming less important.  The take out once you look at both is that the delivery mechanism doesn’t matter so much, but people still want much of the same content.

The same conclusion can be drawn from the most recent piece of Pew Research, showing that even while newspapers are shedding readers, more and more Americans are getting their news online.  Pew found that nearly half (46%) of Americans get their news online at least three days a week, up from 29% in 2004.

News searches up, while overall search down
The recent Nielsen stats showed a fairly hefty 16% year on year decrease in US search volumes.   However, Pew found that 34% of the Internet going public still employ search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing three days a week to search for news.  This is triple the number that did so in 2004.

This might give credence to the theory that social media has meant more people getting recommendations for products and places to go from friends, but when it comes to looking for things trending in the news, search still rules.

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