The most frequently asked question in webinars & workshops

It never fails. Whether I am presenting online or being the DJ for someone else presenting online, the most frequently asked question is this: “Can I get a copy of the slides?”

Yes. Can I get a copy of your presentation. Every. Single. Time. Beginning, middle, or end of presentation. Same question. Even if I post “you’ll get a link to the slides” in the text chat or yell it ON A SLIDE, I still see it. Everyone must have folders and folders full of other peoples slides. Sometimes I think people sign up for presentations just to get slides. If I put it on SlideShare I’m likely to get emails asking for the slides. This is probably why I love the workshop I do about training online. I only use a couple of slides and they’re usually instructions or a welcome slide. I’ve been using photographs, the whiteboard, breakout rooms and links. The questions are about the content – the way it should be. But still, I get the question. (I wonder if anyone is surprised when they get only two slides.)

And I’m not the only one.

Something else about PowerPoint slides… more and more I see GOOD presentations using slides that can be standalone – the ones that tell a story with pictures and have very limited text. Those I like. They fill the space with something to get you thinking.

I guess we should all be flattered when we get asked for slides so I shouldn’t be bitching at all.┬áNever mind.

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