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The Monday Morning Playback

Last week found me out of pocket for a few days as we celebrated, prepared for celebrating, and other such related things tied to my daughter’s first birthday. I was living the offline life, detached for the most part from all modes of social networking save a few tweets late Friday night basically saying I’d be back today. It was a busy few days, a great weekend (birthday party plus a quadruple OT win by my Tigers), and I’m back and recharged and ready to get to it (it including a couple of days on the road this week).

Now, while there were I’m sure a ton of outstanding articles over the last seven days (many of which I’m sure I’ll catch soon enough and may pop up in a future MMP post), I was only able to catch a couple of items Monday and Tuesday as I prepped my office for three days of Erik-free time last week and two days this week, so my apologies for my ommission of what I’m sure were some awesome articles and such, but here’s what I’ve got (and they’re all definitely worth a click and a read):

From Amplify Talent: “Most Job Descriptions Suck. This One Does Not.
First things first, I love me some NPR. Second thing, and maybe more importantly, my office provides HR services and support to a major market NPR affiliate (university HR is often a wondrous and complicated thing). So this piece about a recent NPR HR opportunity was all kinds of awesome in my playbook. Fanboy attitude aside, this article highlights a recent job ad that is part infographic, part sales pitch, part thing I now want to replicate (and you’ll probably want to as well).

From “The 12 Ways You Can Improve Your Corporate Careers Site
I’m starting to notice that there are themes each week when I compile these lists, an occurence that isn’t intentional on my part, I don’t know – maybe I get on topic kicks or something, but this piece focuses on ways to make your careers site more awesome (note: job ads like the above would be a good start). Lots of good information here, some of it more applicable than other depending on your organization, your work culture, and your ability to make pixels (and systems as it were) dance for your and your applicant’s enjoyment.

You’re feeling more informed now I hope, so on to the music!

The Human Resources Field Guide
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Last week was chock full of outstanding articles, whittling it down to a handful was a bit of a challenge – one that I feel like I might have failed at a bit, considering how many excellent pieces aren’t included in the list below. That said, here are some of top shelf goods that piqued my interest over the last several days; I hope you find them as insightful and interesting as I did.

From “How Talent Management Drives Financial Performance
Once again, Josh Bersin doesn’t disappoint, his latest contribution over at Forbes drives home the importance of developing a strong talent management model in your organization, the data he provides is practically all the sales pitch an HR pro would need to sell the criticality of a strong talent development and management program to the C-suite; and it comes with the added bonus reminder that all of our HR woes aren’t solved by shiny software, we also need to keep an eye on the idea of how we’re driving process and strategy out of the HR suite. 

From Steve Boese’s HR Technology: These might be the next HR roles you need to fill (or perform)
Steve Boese is like the fortune telling machine that grants Tom Hanks wish in Big – he knows things that most of us just look at with a puzzled grin on our faces. And this post from his blog is no exception; HR is changing right along with our workforce, organizational cultures, demands of our stakeholders, and the constant innovation of technologies. With all this change comes a demand for new types of workers, new roles to be filled, and new opportunities that didn’t exist a year ago, let alone five, heck, some of these are still in the ethers of jobs to come. 

From Human Capital League: “HR Skills Are In Demand” 
If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s a bit of a theme to this week’s articles – the ever evolving demand for HR skills and HR professionals (trends is the buzzword of the week I think) – Emily Douglas spotlights this even further with an examination of an OPM study showing there is an increasing shortage of HR professionals on the open market and the KSAs they bring to the table are starting to get some serious recognition.

Now that you have your early week dose of left-brain food for thought, here’s a right-brained chaser to wash it all down…

The Human Resources Field Guide
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I keep mucking around with the titles of these Monday posts and if you’ve been around for the last month or so you might have noticed headlines like Over the Weekend and The Monday Playlist – neither of which worked once I started mixing the types of content. I think this new headline might be the trick though, if not you’ll know next Monday. And before getting to the real reason I hope you’re reading this post, my Tigers finally won their first conference game in the SEC! But I digress.

In case you missed these the first time around, here are some of the articles and blog posts I read over the last week that I thought were worth sharing:

From “Social Recruiting Goes Wild
Last week seemed to be a theme week here at The Field Guide, with lots of attention being placed on sourcing and services in the cloud, which is maybe why this piece by Josh Bersin jumped out at me. A concise article which points a finger of innovation at LinkedIn and their impact on talent game (seriously, I’ve seen their Recruiter platform and it is intriguing to say the least) and starts what I’m sure is going to be an ongoing dialogue for the forseeable future centered around social networking based talent sourcing tools – the bulk of which aren’t coming out of established leaders in the industry but rather startups with bold new ideas (for better or worse).

From LinkedIn: “The Secret Phrase That Sparks Creative Solutions
LinkedIn has a new feature – but don’t they always as of late – wherein you can follow select thought leaders (and their insights) on any number of topics without actually being connected to them. Kind of like having your cake and eating it to I suppose. Anyways, Tim Brown (CEO at IDEO) is one such thought leader keeping a blog of sorts on the site and this past week discussed an article that first appeared in the HBR last month about innovation, creative solutions, and the key to supercharging the creative forces in your organization. That key? Three words: How Might We. Take a second, get Tim’s thoughts on this simple but powerful notion, and then check out the source article that started it all.

From “Recruiters: Be Your Own Therapist
This is a bit of a selfish inclusion to this week’s list, it’s an article I wrote for on the challenges faced by many in the HR profession (with a special focus on talent professionals) and some practical thoughts on how to take on said challenges, bring innovation to the workplace, and create value in your organization. So, check it out and share it or tweet it or plus it (or whatever it’s called when you share something on Google+ – I’m still trying to figure that one out).

From Fast Company: “8 Signs You’ve Found Your Life’s Work
In the same vein, only more eloquently worded is an article from Amber Rae which discusses how to find (or at least recognize it) your life’s work and then how to embrace – a bit of an extrapolation on the old phrase “Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Rae provides 8 signs the help you identify if you’re on the right track, all tinged with a bit of common sense (something most of us could use more of) and topped off with a similar message to my own article –  part of finding a gig you love is  “know[ing] whether it’s time to settle in or keep moving.”

Now that you’re better informed, here’s some Monday morning music to get your brain firing on all pistons so you can charge full steam into the week ahead!

The Human Resources Field Guide
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