The Mobile Effect on Talent Acquisition

Since the demise of the Rolodex days, modern talent acquisition practices have witnessed many technological developments. The latest? Mobile. Mobile habits are becoming increasingly ingrained in our regular routines – including those of your ideal candidate pool. Hyper-connected, they are used to communicating on-the-go, in shorter, more informal spurts that include both written and spoken tools. So step up to the plate and approach the talent you want to hire in the way that they will best notice and take action.

Ramifications for the Recruitment Process

1. Stay Away from Information Overload: Not surprisingly, almost 2/3 of passive candidates check out careers websites via their personal devices. Better appreciating how they surf the web is therefore a crucial step. Lengthy careers sites that are not easily navigable with a pair of opposable thumbs and quick finger action is enough to make potential applicants leave. Mobile browsers scan data, and these candidates are looking for easily-digestible information to tell them about the company – who you are, what you offer, and how they can apply. Take steps to ensure that your careers site reflects the searching practices of mobile users.
2. Optimized Application Process: Of course, your careers site should be optimized for mobile screens – including the application form. Candidates expect to be able to apply from their phones simply because they can do everything else from there, like pay bills, shop and buy a car. When confronted with non-optimized application forms, almost half of mobile applicants will give up – which goes to show just how relevant and necessary they are.

3. Engagement Opportunities Galore: With candidates ever-present and constantly connected via their devices, you have more of a chance to really interact with them and build up your talent community. Unlike the non-mobile applicants of yesteryear, today’s candidates are always by their phones, and immediately updated about e-mails and SMS’s. Even more powerful is the addition of social media into the mix, which gives you and them the opportunity to connect on a different plane and further showcase your company’s employer brand beyond your careers site.


The world is going mobile, and that includes your candidates. As recruiters, this means that you have greater access to them – especially the passive ones, who typically do not peruse job boards. Their phones are with them all of the time, so become a presence in their pockets with mobile-friendly careers sites, social media pages, and talent community updates. With mobile technology, you can actively get the talent acquisition ball rolling.

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