The Mindful Leader: Create a Daily Practice

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Good things come in threes

There is the old axiom that good things come in 3’s. Well, over the last few days I came across a Fast Company article, watched a Robin Sharma video and began re-reading a book called Holding the Center. All three emphasize daily exercise in presence and mental mindfulness as keys to success for leaders and entrepreneurs.


Increased performance

Personally, the above really resonated with me from my experience in practicing daily morning reading, exercise and meditation. I notice a very distinct difference in my day when I start this way as opposed to when I don’t. On the days where I do my practice, I communicate more effectively, am more focused and have increased energy. All of which lead to higher creativity and productivity giving me space and time to become an even better leader.


By fine-tuning your mind daily, you will:

• Create space and energy for creative thoughts to emerge
• Free up resources to solve challenging problems
• Ground yourself to allow for more self-awareness
• Relax, rejuvenate and refresh your mind

This practice ought to be a dedicated daily time where you can clear your mind of distractions and become present in the moment. I recommend mornings, before you check your email, before you make a call or turn on the TV. In this way, you give time to yourself first and set the table for the rest of your day.


You are your greatest gift

The main emphasis of this post is to remind leaders that your mind and body are your greatest gifts and you need to keep them healthy and fit to allow your creativity, passion and inspiration to become embodied.

I encourage you to start your own daily practice of mindfulness and it would be great to hear what good things come of it.

Derek Lauber, ACC

image courtesy: Cronulla Gemma Stiles

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