The meaning of Memorial Day

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What does Memorial Day stand for? A day off? The start of summer? Parades and picnics? The opening of public swimming pools? You can – finally! – start wearing white shoes again?

Memorial Day is our nation’s commemoration of the sacrifices made by those whose lives were put on the line for the freedoms we hold sacred.

Whether our veterans survived their military service, or were lost on the field of battle, our country owes each of them, and their families, a debt of gratitude.

I am not a veteran.

I have several in my family that are and that serve in the serves still today.

For so many people it is a long weekend, cookouts, time to open the swimming pools, hanging out with friends. To those that served in the armed forces it is a time to reflect on the time of their life that they gave to our country.

Today I stand with my hat off to those that joined voluntarily, who were drafted, who lost their lives, to the military families who stand behind the solider that still serves and support them.

Remember those families who will have an empty seat at their table and the men and women who used to occupy it. 

Nov 2012 Angela The meaning of Memorial Day

Enjoy your weekend with friends and family

Angela Brooks
author of “The Nurses Voice”


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