The Many Faces and Phases of Engagement: Engaged Parenting

I currently specialize in employee engagement. I often feel uncomfortable with that term as engagement can attach to so many elements of work and aspects of our life outside of work. We can engage with each other, we can engage with our organization, we can engage with customers or clients or patients or students, we can engage with the tasks of our work. You get the picture.

Not only are there many faces to engagement there are also many phases. I was reminded of this through Facebook on Father’s Day when my daughter posted a twenty-one year  old picture of me with my three children at the  Winnipeg Folk Festival. Yes we had 3 children less than 2 years apart almost 22 years ago.

David and Children at Bird's Hill 20 Years Ago

There was no work/life balance at this time as the demands of parenting were high, the amount of sleep was low, and the request for energy of being a dad was nonstop. I would not have traded it for the world, it was a great phase of engagement albeit a tiring one.

What is your current face of engagement? Where is your engagement directed? How does this phase of engagement compare with previous phases?

Engage along with me.

David Zinger is an expert  global employee engagement speaker and consultant who brings the engagement  down to earth while striving to enliven the pyramid of employee engagement to help leaders, managers, and organizations increase engagement and results while also building relationships. David has worked on employee engagement from Winnipeg to Warsaw, Saskatoon to South Africa, and Boston to Barcelona. In 2013, David has spoken in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Berlin, New York, Chicago, and Toronto.

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