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Ingrid provides an excellent update about the 24 hour tweetfest by the Manchester (UK) police force.  This information needs to become standardized and therefore sharable in much the same way that weather data is today.  We are seeing 311 and transit data becoming more and more standardized at the local level, to the benefit of everyone as application developers are grabbing this information and building applications (paid and free). 

It’s been in the news (see this Guardian article). Manchester police have been tweeting all calls over a 24 hour period. It’s been an interesting and effective way to show the range of police calls – it’s not all break-ins and bust-ups. A lot of it is what’s been described as ‘social work’ – ‘confused man reporting his television isn’t working’, etc. My favourite was the tweet that described a call to deal with a man who was holding … Read More

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