The LMS Solution for Mobile Learning

LMS for Mobile LearningThe workplace of the future is here today. Cloud-based technologies are advancing the global economy quickly. This is stretching businesses to grow in ways they never imagined. As new hiring and training demands come about, companies rush to find solutions. Some companies are successful at this, while others fall behind.

Mobile learning is changing the way employees learn and train as well as how companies do business. eLearning software offers widely accessible tools for staff development, strategic management, and information sharing. A social learning management system (LMS) makes mobile learning easy to implement, operate, and maintain.

Still, a surprising number of companies have not begun using social LMSs for mobile learning. This may be because they lack information about the simplicity of this solution. Nevertheless, the outcome is unanimous; companies using social LMSs for mobile learning report great success.

In other words, since mobile learning is the future of business training, it is important to get the facts straight.

Facts about Mobile Learning

  • Mobile learning in corporate businesses has created a widespread movement changing the way business is done at every level.
  • Since the invention of the Internet, massive amounts of useable data have been accumulating. Today, it is easier to access this information than ever before. This encourages social and independent learning.
  • As technology progresses, the relationship between social, or human data and machine generated data continues to grow and strengthen. As a result, data is useable in corporate settings and a catalyst for operational development.

What Should Companies do with Mobile Learning?

It is now easy to convert and manage company knowledge so that it is usable to all employees and partners. Having this information organized and accessible through mobile devices allows employees to receive “on-demand” training, where learning can take place anytime, from anywhere.

To make this knowledge management process simple, there are three suggestions:

  1. Develop an efficient format for converting various data into training material.
  2. Regularly update reference materials and stay up to date with how employees and users are consuming information. Be sure data is available to them in convenient forms.
  3. Document all types of data, not just written content. (This may include videos, subject specific courses, archived curriculum, and more.)

How can an LMS Help? Here’s an example…

  • TOPYX social LMS is a easy-to-use, SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution that anticipates and delivers future needs of the workplace. This means the developer hosts, maintains, and updates software for the subscribing organization to reduce administration costs and unnecessary headaches.
  • A social LMS offers a central, accessible database to store information which can be accessed by all users.
  • It provides an eLearning center where employees and administration can collaborate, create learning and training materials, and document vital information.
  • You can see TOPYX in action for yourself by requesting a free demo. This can help better communicate how a mobile-capable LMS may help you reach your goals.

Mobile learning is not just popular, it is vital to company growth. The sooner a social LMS is adopted, the better equipped a company is to manage the growing demands of this global economy. Business is done differently now. Learn the facts and join the movement.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
[email protected]

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