The LMS Solution for Membership Associations

LMS for AssociationsWhen individuals come together for a common purpose, the outcome is often incredible.

Such a force drives the movement and growth of membership associations. By using a formal structure to create a forum for like minds, membership associations harvest personal and community advancement.

The potential for these organizations is even greater with evolving technologies. Integrating a learning management system (LMS) into the framework of an association can attract and support members.

Implementing an LMS for association purposes can:

  • Generate consistent revenue through simple dues payment options.
  • Unlock multiple streams of revenue.
  • Offer eLearning tools to current members.
  • Easily bring all members together on one platform

In addition to online learning advantages and financial solutions, an LMS promotes communication features, and serves as a platform for marketing seminars, workshops, and conferences to association members.

Online Learning and Community Advantages

With these features at their fingertips, individuals are eager to stay involved with their associations through an LMS service. In turn, these members pay dues and sign up for workshops online. They also attend virtual conferences, and inevitably market the association through word-of-mouth social networking.

This is why it is valuable to know how implementing an LMS can generate online learning advantages for an association by increasing membership, monitoring involvement, and offering real-time organization communication.

1)  Build an eLearning Community

An LMS is the best way to keep and gain members, while still generating income. Offering eLearning programs that meet the interests of members encourages involvement. When the option is available to connect and share information in an online setting, individuals come together who may not otherwise meet. With their passions alive, these individuals are excitable promoters who share their interests with others.

2)  Monitor LMS Service

Having a learning management system makes it easy to monitor the financial end of an association. With indexed revenue reports it is plain to see how members are receiving the material an association is distributing through the LMS. Such financial solutions can direct the association’s creative future and answer the age-old question: what are members interested in and what are they willing to spend money on?

3) Real-Time Solutions

One of the best things about a LMS is that it operates in real-time. This can be a great advantage for any association.  With the ability to benefit from real-time organizational reports, coordination of efforts and sales activity updates, administrators and association leaders can be aware of up to the minute happenings.

4)  Bring all of your Members Together

With a social learning management system, you can bring all of your members together in real-time, no matter where they are in the world to share information and collaborate easier than ever before. Tools exists that do not have fees per user, so no matter how many members you have, the cost does not change your bottom line.

These are only a few examples of how online learning advantages can benefit membership associations. Interactyx, provider of the award-winning LMS, TOPYX®, lists more reasons why an LMS is good for association membership and can grow organization revenue.

Discover more about TOPYX. If you want to see more about how an LMS for your association or membership group make a difference in reaching your goals, request a free LMS demo.

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