The Latest “S” Word – SNOW!

After traveling back home from Vegas I made it just in time to barricade myself and my family for the SNOWMAGGEDON that would happen in Boston over the weekend of February 9th.  Having lived in N.C., Nigeria, A.Z, and now M.A. I have experienced every type of weather condition known to man, but have never experienced the amount of snowfall we got during those two days, 30 inches.  Crazy!

But you know, it’s funny the number was 30.  That seems to be the magic number these days and if you don’t know what I’m referring to then you have not been following the news, elections, websites, or television reports on the Affordable Care Act. 

When I was coming along and most of you would remember – the full-time number was 40 and you always wanted to work your 40 hours, which never happened because they would have to give you benefits, in most cases.  In some cases they lowered full-time to 38.5 and then later lowered that to 35.  Now our wonderful government said, “let’s lower it again to 30”.  I guess they feel like this is the tipping point of where companies will “have” to offer benefits to their workers. 

But, just in case companies fail to provide the “right” benefits – let’s penalize the backbone of America with a $2,000 or $3,000 penalty per full-time employee and see if they can stay in business.  And of course the penalty will go to a good cause, the MASSIVE bucket that will be administered by our government that will become a state healthcare system (the precursor to Social Medicine – for those of you that don’t know what is coming next).

There are lots of theories, strategies, and calculations that are being made by companies, restaurants, long-term care facilities, and services & distribution centers all across the country to decide if they want to Play or Pay.  Don’t worry, the end is written and you will Pay or Pay.  You will pay more as a company in benefits you provide to your workforce or you will pay the penalties in conjunction with trying to provide benefits.

It’s okay – I thought the snow may not be as bad as it was and when I woke up on Saturday morning to 30 inches, I realized things were just as the weather man predicted.  There are a lot of people that have been saying for many months that the Affordable Care Act is coming – the question is “Are You Ready”?

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

30 Inches?

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