The Latest Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll Carnival (of HR)

“Rock, rock, rock and roll carnival!”

I wanted the latest Carnival of HR to be a rock and roll carnival — literally and figuratively — and I got my wish!

It was to be on any “HR/workplace” subject like recruiting, hiring, onboarding, development (employee, leadership, etc.), performance management, succession planning, workforce planning, retention, social media in the workplace, layoffs, firing, and so on and so forth.

So here you go — rock on with your bad selves:

First off, Shauna Moerke (the HR Minion herself) shares her favorite Music to help you rock out to HR in this post. No Shauna, Japanese Pop ain’t gonna do it for me, but I love your list! Wait, what? Japanese Ska?!?

Jennifer V. Miller from The People Equation shares her take on the workplace trust and the collaborative “mad” genius of Queen in her post Rock Opera and Trust. I love astrophysicist and ex-Queen guitarist Brian May’s insight into the creative process behind the rock opera classic Bohemian Rhapsody. (No Wayne, we’re not worthy.)

Mervyn Dinnen’s T Recs blog holds up the rock hands and shouts I’m a Dude, Yeah! He talks about how blogging still rocks and how we’re “all the young dudes (and dudettes) carrying the news” like the song All the Young Dudes. Right on, brother.

It seems like workplace advice abounds these days in the blogosphere. But you know what we don’t have enough of? Top ten “Advice for Chick Rockers, or How I Did It” lists. Really. How refreshing it is that Paul Smith from Welcome to the Occupation dug up this little gem of a list from Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders) and shared it in his post Chrissie Hynde on the Job. My favorite leadership advice from Hynde? “Make the other band members look and sound good. Bring out the best in them; that’s your job. Oh, and you better sound good, too.”

No, Multi-tenancy in HRM SaaS doesn’t really sound like something you can bang your head to (maybe against), but Naomi Bloom from In Full Bloom makes it rock nonetheless. Check out her post Dennis Howlett-Inspired Post #1 — Multi-tenancy In HRM SaaS (and if ever a man looked like what happens to rockers after 40 years on the road, it’s Dennis — her words, not mine). And of course there’s the post that started all this angst in the first place: HRM SaaS InFullBloom vs Everything Else: The Musical!

Much loved music enters our lives at moments of vulnerability when we have time to invest in listening. Perhaps our teaching moments at work happen at similar times, too. Oh, I so dig this from Susan Heathfield at the Human Resources Blog. Her post is titled Rock Out Teaching Moments. We should all have more of them, and share more of them.

While not a fan of the music remix like Dwane Lay from Lean HR is, I do agree with the assessment that business needs a big remix, a shaking up and resettling if you will, and human resources is no exception. Check out his Remix post. Who the heck is Alabama 3?

What if I would’ve bought all that drumming equipment thinking I’d be a rock star? And then I wasn’t. Except for the Rock Band game, which I can’t even pay for anymore. For those folks looking for jobs with bumps in their credit history roads, they should take comfort in the fact that some states have proposed outlawing credit checks in employment screening. G.Neil’s HR Forum discusses the negatives of using credit checks in hiring decisions at The show must go on: Judge ‘em for their talents, not their financial trip-ups.

Successful professionals are constantly looking for ways to reinvent themselves and the work that they do.
I know. I’m working on that as well. But I’m not going to wear a meat suit to a potential client meeting. And I certainly don’t expect HR to either. Neither does Kevin Brozovich from HRM Innovations (Hot HR Topics) in his post Going Gaga for Human Resources.

Gotta love my 8-track player. What? I should upgrade? C’mon. Well, Lynn Dessert at the Elephants at Work blog upgraded some of her audio equipment recently. She asks us all in her Seven self limiting behaviors impacting your success post how many things in our life do we just live with? Hey, we should all be upgrading the work systems as well.

For me, great (rock) music is in-your-face-please-use-your-head art. It’s timeless and transcends the very track it was laid down on. And it burns inside. Jason Seiden’s post Cee Lo, Maplethorpe, and Art is definitely not for the feint of heart and those spinning the Jonas Brothers on their iPods. Or anything Disney (sorry Mike Haberman). Read at your own risk — but for those who get it, rock on.

Remember Rockwell’s paranoid-infused 80’s song “Somebody’s Watching Me”? Well, the good folks at The Devon Group do. And if you think you’re not being “watched” online via social networks, think again. It’s big business. Read The Devon Group’s latest post Somebody’s Watching You to learn what you can do to make it more difficult for them — the watchers.

Okay, maybe Disney doesn’t really rock out, but for my young daughters, they will for years to come. Mike Haberman’s HR Observations post “Hire Attitude vs Aptitude”: A Lesson from Disney includes the fact that you really do want to be a “Mickey Mouse operation.” Really. It rocks.

Most rock bands will tell you going out on tour is tough, no matter how much you like to play live. The workplace can feel like a road tour as well at times and it’s up to everyone to help boost morale, but especially leadership. Kevin Eikenberry from Leadership & Learning shares his strategies for doing just that in Six Strategies for Boosting Morale.

I remember hearing a story a long time ago about how Billy Joel got screwed financially after making The Stranger in the late 70’s (one of my favorite albums). In fact, many musicians were “owned” by their record labels and residual comp was hard to come by. A lot has changed since, but in this economy many regular folks haven’t had increases years. Benjamin McCall at shares his thoughts about that on Compensation, Pay Raises and Becoming a CEO.

Listen, I get the fact that when we’re teenagers, we think we know everything, and we want to crank up the rock and tell our parents and “the man” to stick it. But there are a lot of behaviors we really need to unlearn in the workplace, especially for leaders. Wally Bock gives us sound advice in Un-Learning Leadership from his Three Star Leadership Blog.

Today’s HR ain’t your grandparents doo-wop around the clock rock and roll anymore. It’s groundbreaking and progressive with difficult time signatures, global blends and smart lyrics. Amit Bhagria from Young HR Manager writes “HR is one of the most versatile and hardest working functions of any organization” and you can read all about it in The Roles and Functions of the 21st Century HR Office.

Mick Collins from the SuccessFactors Business Execution Blog sings a power ballad about the impact of wellness programs with Wellness Programs: On Life Support? Hold your lighters up, but no smoking in the arena.

When a band gets too big, there’s always a fear of forgetting where they came from and why they formed in the first place — why again did they want to move and shake the world? Mark Stelzner from Voice of HR and Inflexion Advisors shares his angst about the global phenomenon SHRM in his post 2011 SHRM Strategic Guidance: Do More With Less.

Lastly there’s my post from yesterday: 7 tips for developing a unique voice of leadership. And Marc’s post: The Best Place to Work Revisited.

Burn better and brighter fellow rockers.

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