The Holiday Post…

…in which, instead of writing a new post, I link to several other posts and sites.

(What, you’ve never done that?)

But first, I’d like to wish all my friends a wonderful holiday…

Of course, many of you I know only as a small thumbnail but that shouldn’t stand in the way of friendship or admiration.  I trust many of you are actually life-size and hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with friends and family.

 We had a full house this year with Christmas coffee, a Bavarian breakfast for my husband’s soccer team and a family Christmas Eve featuring a fondue with seven sauces and more presents for the kids that I remember getting throughout my entire childhood.  On Christmas morning the kids shook out their stockings, played with their new marble run and we started a new family tradition: building a robot.

My husband bought Lego Mindstorm for our 8-year-old daughter, who inexplicably understands electric wiring, motors and things of that kind.  Not from me, I assure you.  She assembled and programmed her first robot in about a half hour.  My husband helped at first but at some point he was just slowing her down. 

The robot has a sensor.  As it approaches a wall it backs up and tries a different direction.  Then it asks for a color.  If you show it the right color it says, ‘Fantastic!’  If you show it the wrong color it shoots you with a marble, thanks you and tells you to have a nice day.

That’s my girl.  Her robotics skill is her own but she has my eyes.

Now then, here’s some don’t miss holiday reading for those golden hours while you’re sitting around the fireplace with your family and an iPad in your lap, thinking that checking email feels too much like work:

Women of HR is running a 2-week ‘Best of Women of HR‘ series.  Check it out!

Paul Smith has posted a wonderful holiday HR Carnival over at Welcome to the Occupation, full of  thoughtful and expensive presents.

Compensation Cafe is always worth a read but since this is my blog I’m going to point you to my own most recent post on creating value with a limited rewards budget.  While you’re over there be sure to check out a few other posts, too – the Cafe is a great multi-writer resource for rewards, fair pay, appreciation, employee motivation or talent management.

And while we’re on the topic, Happy New Year!

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