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The Great Golden Arches & Midway Debacle

As a child of the 1980’s, there were two things in my youth that captured my attention and filled me with the kind of joy I’ve only witnessed in recent years as each of my daughters turned one and were introduced to cake – cake in their mouths, in their hair, up their noses, delicious delicious cake – video games and McDonald’s. So in the early summer of a year I won’t mention so as not to date myself, on the last day of school (or thereabouts) a friend (okay, really more of an acquaintance who shared my fondness for pixelated arcade style shenanigans) invited me to join him and his family at Six Flags, after which we would hit the Golden Arches near the park. It didn’t matter how close or not we were, all that mattered was what rattled around my head as he extended the invite… read the rest at LinkedIn.

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